Skype for Business Replaces Lync This Month

Microsoft has changed the name of Lync to Skype for Business. This is a trend at Microsoft to change the name of business products to *for business.

We received this version in April and have been using it without any problems. You will receive it with this months updates. There may be some manual installations that need to occur and there might be an updated needed to your DNS records, if so we’ll get those completed as the new version becomes available to you. Microsoft is making them available in waves so not everyone will get them at the same time.

The biggest change is an updated look and a new icon that looks like a cloud with an S is the middle of it.

skype for businessThere have not been any major changes in functionality just some enhancements.

    • New Look and Feel
    • Integration with the Skype Directory
    • Call Monitor
    • Quick Access to Call Controls
    • Emoticons

If you’d like a refresher on everything you do can with Skype for Business let us know and we’ll be happy to help you. We love Skype for Business and find that we just can’t work without it anymore.

– Amy

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