Alert: More News About Heartbleed

Companies are beginning to issue statements on whether or not their web servers were compromised by the Heartbleed vulnerability. If you use any of the services below you need to visit them and change your password. You also need to change your password for any other site where you have used that same password.

Facebook, Instagram, IFFT, Pinterest, Twitter, USAA, Intuit – Turbo Tax, DropBox, Box, LastPass, Minecraft, NetFlix, OKCupid, Wunderlist, SoundCloud

Google: Search, Gmail, YouTube, Wallet, Play, Apps and App Engine. That Play is effected is a big deal. That means your Android phone and tablets are wide open. Google has yet to announce how they will handle issuing updates for all of the apps in the Google Play store.

Yahoo: Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Flickr and Tumblr

Amazon: Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon EC2, Amazon Linux AMI, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, AWS OpsWorks, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon CloudFront,

More Bad News:

Because GoDaddy’s own servers were affected it means that the certificates they issued are also effected and must be rekeyed and reinstalled. Although we recently switched to providing our own SSL certificates to our clients through ENOM most of our clients are still using GoDaddy certificates. This means that we’ll be asking for a new set of security keys for each of your from GoDaddy and reapplying the certificates to your servers. Since your server isn’t directly affected this is merely a precautionary measure.

Some Good News: Here’s what isn’t affected.

Your servers. Microsoft software including all of their hosted products are safe. Bing is safe. eBay, Amazon (store), PayPal, Federal Government websites, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, Target, Bank of America, Chase, Capital One, e*Trade, Citigroup, Fidelty, Schwab, Ameritrade, USBank, Wells Fargo and LinkedIN are all safe. EverNote and Apple are safe.

If you have any difficulty changing your passwords ask us for assistance. If you have any questions about Heartbleed ask us about that too.


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