Office Apps Hang when you click Open

If after installing Windows updates on your computer you find that Word, Excel and other apps are hanging when you click on Open to browse for an existing file, it may be because you have HP Web Folders installed. An update, released this month causes that application to hang, making Word, Excel and other apps hang. HP has an update for their application to bring it into compliance with this security update. But before installing the HP update you should evaluate whether or not you even need HP Web Folders. This application rides along with the install of most of the HP multifunction printers and allows you to “print” documents directly to your website. I haven’t yet met anyone that uses it, so the easiest solution is to uninstall the HP Web Folders application from your computer. This should be done using Add/Remove programs in the control panel. If you are not comfortable doing this we can do it for you or walk you through it over the phone.

Amy Babinchak
Harbor Computer Services

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