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Sea Change for Desktop Computers

Last week Intel made a major announcement that has been largely ignored by the general media. Probably because they don’t understand the significance. Intel announced that it will phase out production of desktop system boards and will exit the market entirely in three years. Thus marks the final release of […]

New Intel Tablet

It’s not often that I hype a product but then I’ve never really been in love with a computer before. You probably read that our love affair with Dell has ended and Equus as an Intel builder is our new friend. One of the things that first brought them to […]

Life without Dell

“Dell Inc. will spend $3.9 billion for the technology services company Perot Systems Corp. in an attempt to expand beyond the PC business” “Dell’s purchase of MessageOne, coming on the heels of its acquisition of EqualLogic in November, may signal that the manufacturer is looking to build its own storage […]

When to choose a Netbook or Mini

Small computers are all the rage. Everyone thinks that they want one but before you go out and make the purchase you really need to stop and think whether this mini-computer is going to do what you need. What NetBooks are and are good at: They are a small laptop […]