New Intel Tablet

It’s not often that I hype a product but then I’ve never really been in love with a computer before. You probably read that our love affair with Dell has ended and Equus as an Intel builder is our new friend.

One of the things that first brought them to my attention was the Intel Tablet Netbook. It’s small; it’s a tablet; it’s water resistant; it’s shock proof; it has an anti-microbial keyboard’; it’s got 7 hours of battery life and it has a handle. It runs Windows 7 and has a TPM chip which will allow us to encrypt the entire hard drive so no one will be able to read your files if it is stolen. There’s a camera that flips around to let you record what you are seeing. Did I mention it’s a tablet? You can take written notes on it. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I bought one and I love it.


If this sounds like you, we can get you one. It comes in at just under $700 with 2GB of RAM and the 3 year warranty.

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