Cloud Services? Virtualization?

You might be starting to hear a lot about Cloud or Internet based applications and maybe even virtualization. These are the current BUZZ words in the world of IT. Less you think that Harbor isn’t on top of the latest technology I thought I would point out some of the things that we’re doing in these areas:

  • hosted anti-spam
  • hosted Exchange
  • hosted email encryption
  • hosted Sharepoint
  • hosted Anti-Virus
  • hosted online conferencing and meetings
  • server virtualization
  • desktop virtualization
  • off-site backup storage for servers and PC’s
  • data center data storage
  • data center server co-location

and more…

The move in the industry is away from having your own servers on-site and toward paying monthly for renting someone else’s technology.

We’re ready to implement these things when it is the right technology for your business but not before. It’s good to be on the front end of the technology curve but it’s bad to be on the bleeding edge. :) We want to see you stay nicely balanced.

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