New Staff at Harbor

This week we have two new staff members starting. As you most likely know, we’ve been looking for the right people for a very long time. Our search has been long and careful. Contrary to popular belief the market is not over flowing with talented people looking for jobs. We found it very difficult to find qualified people. However, we’ve made our decision and hopefully these two with be with Harbor for many years to come.

Training Procedures

Shanewaz Ahmed and Jason Basile are our new trainees. Both are coming to us with some experience so we expect them to be able to get up to Harbor standards quickly. You will soon be meeting one or both of them. Ted and Diana are playing a significant role in the training and will be supervising the trainees while they are in your office. This means that we will have provided instruction so that the trainee can work independently. We’ll then verify that the work was done timely and correctly. When they are in the office with me, we will be working on filling gaps in their knowledge and establishing standards. One of us will always be directly supervising them when they work remotely so if you are speaking to them on the phone or in a remote session know that we are right next to them. We have a wide range of skills to cover with them and it’s that wide range that has been difficult for us to find. It seems that these days everyone is a specialist and very few people understand the whole system. Our job is to know the whole system.

Performance Review

I’m going to be travelling with our trainees quite a bit over the next several months. I hope that you will provide some feedback for me. As I have done in the past, we will send out a survey to give more opportunity to let us know how things are going. The survey will happen 2-3 months into the training process and then again closer to 6 months. I try to keep them short and I really appreciate the time you take to help us with this process.


I’m excited about having two new people in our shop. We’ve been sustained busy for a long time now so it will be good to have some additional hands. I advertised for the next great small business IT professional and I expect that, that once molded a bit, that is who we have hired.

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