Consumerization of IT

For a while now there’s been a new catch phrase, “The consumerization of IT”. It’s what happens when employees bring their own computers, phones and iPads and use them for work purposes. In the not very long ago, employers owned all the technology but increasingly now employees own the technology.

In looking at Windows8, I noticed a very interesting feature. It’s called Windows To Go. Windows To Go is your office computer on a portable hard drive. This hard drive can be plugged into any computer and cause your work computer environment to boot up and your personal hard disk to become inaccessible as long as your have your work drive plugged in.

What does this mean for us? It means that Microsoft has enabled employers to stop buying computers and push that cost off onto the employee. All the employer provides is the hard disk and software, the employee will provide the computer to run it on.

It’s often the case that things have unintended consequences. I don’t think that employees that have asked to use their MAC at work or that wanted their work email on their personal phone thought that this would lead to their employer expecting them to provide all of the computer hardware required for their successful employment with the company but that is exactly where it has lead and Microsoft has enabled it.

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