Light Weight But Strong

I’m a happy owner of a Microsoft Surface running Windows RT. You may have seen it. It’s been on near constant tour as my technicians get requests to see it. I had to get mine from a Microsoft store in Texas but now they are available from BestBuy and Staples too. There’s also the Pro version which not only allows you to install apps from the Store but you can load the applications your business owns too, plus you can write on it with a fine point pen. Microsoft has really hit one out of the park with the Surface and the commercials aren’t hurting either. But regardless of how popular it is, I don’t really expect Microsoft to keep making the Surface. I see it as proof of concept and a way for Microsoft to goad other manufacturers into making cooler hardware and it’s working.

We’ve partnered up with Lenovo to bring cool new hardware to our clients because as one of my guys says, “they are built like tanks” and they are at the forefront of building cool new devices. They have also promised us that our prices will be better than any available from a retail store or direct from Lenovo. This makes them the best possible choice: Cool, Tough, Best Price and here to stay.

Microsoft Surface Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft Surface

We’ve also added some other new partnerships to our list including new IP Phone systems, security camera systems, cell phones and digital signage. Each of these things have turned into “computers” recently and they reside in your computer network, this makes it important to know that they are going to get along with the rest of your network and perform as designed. I’ll be be writing more about those things in the coming weeks so you know what we’re up too and can offer to your business.

– Amy

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