ALERT: Fake phone calls are the latest threat

The bad guys have come up with a new way to take your money and ruin your day.

  • You get a call to your cell phone
  • It says it’s from someone you know and have in your address book. Often it’s the boss or owner of the company
  • You answer the phone
  • They don’t sound quite like themselves but that’s because they are in a noisy place or have a cold, are in the car, are in a hurry…
  • They need some urgent information from you. Credit card numbers, need money transferred, need a password…
  • You just gave that information to a scammer

It’s not callerID that they are spoofing. They are actually spoofing the phone number. So this way when they call it comes up just as you have that person in your address book. My bookkeeping person got a call like this from me the other day. It came up on her phone as “ABCELL” which is what she has me listed as. Except I was standing next to her and not making a call.

It never stops. Every time we shut down one vector of hacking it just moves them into another.

Here’s how you thwart them

  • Never give you sensitive information to a caller
  • If you think you need to provide this information, do not hit redial. Call them back using your saved contact information and then provide it

Now the bad guy/gal will tell you that you can’t call them back for some very good reason and they will get mean about it. Don’t listen. Hang up. Call the person that called you. Better to be cautious, than to be responsible for an empty corporate bank account.

Be safe out there.


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