30 Things you can do with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is one of the most versatile tools available to Microsoft 365 users. The uses for Forms is vast. You can use Forms to replace paperwork, eliminate process steps, and automate your business! Once you have data from your form, you can use Microsoft Flow to put that data in different places. A few examples would be an Excel spreadsheet, SharePoint List, or sent directly to your email.



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Here just a few uses of Microsoft Forms that you could consider using in your business. Think about how these ideas could help improve your workflow, eliminate paperwork, and gather information quickly and efficiently in your organization.

  1. RSVPs – Quickly gather names and number of guests to any event.
  2. INCIDENT REPORTS – Have emergency forms readily available for all of your employees.
  3. REQUEST SPECIFIC INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER DEPARTMENT – Save time from walking across the building and tracking people down.
  4. REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT – Save time and get the information you need to set appointments.
  5. EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS – Have a place for your employees to report issues confidentially and securely.
  6. “CONTACT US” FORM ON YOUR WEBSITE – Don’t rely on a third-party app, when you can use your Microsoft 365 accounts that you already have!
  7. EMPLOYEE SURVEY – Want to get a quick count on where everyone wants to have the Holiday party? Want to know how many are coming to the picnic? What food would they like to be served?
  8. CLIENT SURVEY – Get feedback quickly and readily at your fingertips.
  9. REQUEST OFFICE SUPPLIES – Don’t waste paper when ordering supplies!
  10. REQUEST TIME OFF / VACATIONS – Make it quick and easy for your HR department to process requests.
  11. POTENTIAL CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE – Gather quick info to help get those customers in the door.
  12. JOB CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Get the right information from potential employees all in one place.
  13. REQUEST IT ASSISTANCE – Send a request right from your desk.
  14. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – Want better feedback from your customers?
  15. LEAD GENERATION – Help your Sales department get leads all in one spot.
  16. REQUEST FOR QUOTE – Give your customers an easy place to request quotes on your products.
  17. DEMOGRAPHIC SURVEY – Find out who your customers and potential clients are.
  18. T-SHIRT ORDER FORM – Quickly get your employee sizes and make ordering T-shirts easy!
  19. CLASS ENROLLMENT FORM – Quick and easy sign-up.
  20. TRAINING REQUEST FORMS – Make it easy for employees to request training.
  21. EXPENSE REPORT SUBMISSIONS – Reduce paper by submitting expenses automatically.
  22. EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK – Find out what your employees think of processes, management, etc.
  23. REQUEST EQUIPMENT – Quickly request new equipment for your department without using paper.
  24. COMPLAINT FORM – Make it easy for your employees to report complaints.
  25. MANAGEMENT EVALUATION – Managers need evaluating too!
  26. PARKING PASS FORM – Request specific things right from your desk.
  27. REQUEST PARKING VALIDATION – Validate parking for customers and clients quickly and efficiently.
  28. NEW HIRE FORMS – Help your HR Department get that new hire paperwork done efficiently.
  29. EXIT INTERVIEW – Employees leaving your organization might be more comfortable filling a form, giving you more accurate data.
  30. EVENT REGISTRATION – Get all of your event registration info quickly and in one place.


What other uses of Forms can you think of? Put your answers in the comments, we would love to hear from you!


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