Save Time By Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Have you ever searched for a Command of one of your Office apps and when you finally find it, wonder how you will ever find it again when you need it? The frustration is real!

A wonderful solution to this problem is the Quick Access Toolbar.


Where is the Quick Access Toolbar?

The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the very top of most of your Office 365 apps. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and more all have a Quick Access toolbar at the top of the app, and you may have never noticed.

Quick Access Toolbar Location

What Can the Quick Access Toolbar do?

The Quick Access Toolbar is a placeholder for your favorite and most used Commands. Some are built-in, but you can add more! Look at the Quick Access Toolbar below for Microsoft Word.

Word Quick Access Toolbar

By default, there is ‘save’, ‘undo’, and ‘redo’. After those, I have added a few of my personally most-used Commands such as New, Strikethrough, New Picture, and New Shape. This way, I don’t have to go poking around all of the ribbons to find the Command, I just click it at the top in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Similarly, in Microsoft Excel, I like to have Strikethrough, Hide Row, and Delete Row easily accessible for me.

Excel Quick Access Toolbar

I have also set my PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar to use the New Slide, Insert Picture, Start from Beginning, and Start from Current. These are the features that I find myself using a lot when I’m creating a slideshow.

PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar

These are just a few examples, most of you Office 365 apps have a Quick Access Toolbar at your disposal, check them out and see!


How do I add my own Commands?

At the right side of the last icon on your Quick Access Toolbar, you will find an icon that looks like this.

Add New

The drop-down menu will show several often-used Commands that you may or may not want to add. Simply click the Command you want and it will now show on the Quick Access Toolbar.


But there are WAY more Commands available.


To see a full list of Commands, click ‘More Commands.’

More Commands

Then in the ‘Choose commands from’ box, choose ‘All Commands’.

Scroll through the list below that, and highlight the command that you want. Then click the ‘Add>>’ button and then ‘OK’.

All Commands




Your Command is now there to use when you need it. Go ahead and try it, it works like a charm!


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