More SharePoint Web Parts

In my last blog post, I went over several of the types of SharePoint web parts that you can utilize in your companies SharePoint site. Let’s jump right in and see a few more!


SharePoint Map Web part

You have the ability to embed a map directly in your SharePoint site. This feature could be very helpful if your organization has multiple locations, or if you have sales people who frequent a location.



Markdown (text with emphasis)

SharePoint Markdown Web part

A Markdown web part is a text box, but it allows for formatting outside of the SharePoint site’s used font parameters, which are somewhat limited. This can be a section that holds emphasis, such as a company slogan, quality policy, or any other statement that you would like to get noticed.



Most recent Pages or most recent documents

SharePoint most recent web part

This type of web part is specialized by individual. It can be in the form of a list, or a scroll-through box (shown below). This will list your most recent SharePoint pages that you have visited or your most recent documents opened through the SharePoint site. Don’t worry, no one can see your list, it is individualized through your Microsoft 365 account.



News and Announcements

SharePoint News web part

Often found on the main page of a site, the News and Announcements web part gives you the capability to have articles with links, or just text announcements. You could use this space to announce schedules, company news, holidays, company events, or birthdays & anniversaries.




SharePoint People web part

The People web part allows you to add links to people profiles. This is especially helpful in large organizations with multiple locations. The People web part would also be helpful for organizations that have people out on the road.



Microsoft Planner

SharePoint Planner web part

Microsoft Planner is a robust app that helps you assign tasks, keep up with progress on tasks, break down projects into smaller tasks and more. If you want to learn more about Planner, give us a call!

The Planner web part allows you to embed Planner directly into your SharePoint site. This is very helpful for project-oriented businesses.



External Websites

SharePoint external website web part

This web part gives you the capability to embed links to external websites. This is more than a hyperlink. It gives you a bit of a preview within the web part.

As always, Harbor is available to help implement these tools and provide training. Call us for a consulting appointment any time!



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