Introducing StaffHub to your Office 365 subscription

StaffHub is a new application in most Office 365 subscriptions. It is meant to be used by what Microsoft calls frontline staff. These are the people that your customers interact with in customer service, sales, service delivery and basically anyone that works shifts or needs to keep appointments. It is a scheduling application but also includes document reading, outlook web access, Office web apps and more. Most of your staff that would make use of this application probably don’t have an Office 365 license now. We can purchase special frontline worker access for them at $4 per month.  Much less that the full licenses you have for your other staff. The catch is that the interact with the whole thing via their smart phone, not a computer. But really who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? Everyone who is already using Office 365 can use this app too; it has been added to their existing license.

Staff point of view

Here’s a little sample of what it looks like from the staff point of view. From their phone they can see their schedule, request time-off, swap a shift (with approval), receive notifications, read documents you’ve provided, chat to members of their assigned group and even use the Teams application. In addition, they have access to email.

Read documents Chat with fellow staff request time off shift remindersswap schedules

Management point of view

On the management side of things you have the ability to publish schedules, chat with your employees, approve time-off requests, share files, create new staff, and set security controls. Management can interact with the application from their computer or smart phone.

share documents message your staff approve schedule changes set everyones schedule manage staff

StaffHub looks to be a great way to bring your staff scheduling into the 21st century. I know it has been a struggle for some of our clients to manage hourly staff whose schedules change or are dependent on appointment setting. Together with the app, Bookings, Office 365 might be the solution that you’ve been looking for. Let us know if you would like to setup a 30 day demo to find out if this might work for you.

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