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6 Reasons Your Website Needs An Update

  Website trends come and go, but there are many reasons to keep your website updated. We’ve listed six of them in this handy infographic. For small businesses with static websites, we recommend that you review it once every six months, minimum, in order to keep on top of things. […]

More SharePoint Web Parts

In my last blog post, I went over several of the types of SharePoint web parts that you can utilize in your companies SharePoint site. Let’s jump right in and see a few more! Maps You have the ability to embed a map directly in your SharePoint site. This feature […]

We’re putting an end to website hacking

I’ve reached the end of my rope for tolerance of bad website hosting. Our clients are being hurt by it. Websites are getting hacked left and right and no one seems to have a backup so it can’t be replaced easily. It seems that web hosting companies would rather charge […]

Necessary Website Changes

Google is the undisputed leader in Internet search. As a result they get to make up the rules for determining how websites rank in those results. Recently two important changes were announced that will have a dramatic effect on how your website ranks. If you are expecting that new customers […]