Your very own YouTube alternative

and the good news is that if you’re an Office 365 customer then you already have it.



Office 365 Video portal is a place where you can publish your videos. Why would you want to do that instead of putting them on YouTube? Well honestly you might want to put them into both places.

Here’s why…

  • Advertising. You’ve probably noticed that every video on YouTube now starts with a commercial. Do you really want to make your customers watch a commercial that isn’t related to your business?
  • Your Competitors Videos. YouTube wants its viewers to keep watching, so it queues up the next video that they might want to watch based on topic. Which means that the next video might be from your competitor. Not good.
  • If you are posting videos as a marketing tool, then do it. Your video might be the next up after your competitors video and the viewer might just like it better and decide to call you.

Otherwise, you should keep your videos in your own commercial free, competitor free video portal. Your customer can access it just like they access YouTube. You’ll send them a link. They click on it to view it. Super simple.

YoutubeYou can also embed videos from your own video portal into your website, facebook post, email or anywhere really. This is yet another way to keep your customers eyeballs where you want them.





We’re happy to show you how to use your Video portal.

– Amy, president

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