How to fill in the short comings of your Cloud applications

Cloud applications have changed the world of networked computing but like every applications they did have holes that you might not be thinking about. I want to talk with you about backup because it is often the missing piece. The Cloud providers although they are hosting your data, they don’t want to be responsible for it.

cloud applicationsHow far back can you restore from? In most cases it’s 30 days or less. For some applications, like database applications this is generally sufficient. Such as your ERP/LOB system. If you went back more than a few hours the loss could be catastrophic.  But for email and file storage you probably do want to go back much farther than 30 days. Many times we are asked to retrieve a file or email that someone doesn’t realize has gone missing for many months.

What can you recover? In some cases what you can recover is the whole thing, rather than a specific thing. For example, in Office 365 your mailbox can be recovered but an individual email by itself cannot be.

Can you restore your files at all? There are even cloud solutions that do not include backup at all. Yes, they will tell you that they backup but this doesn’t mean that their backup is available to you. For many, in the fine print is a clause that says that you are responsible for your data.

We’ve been looking at this problem and we’ve finally come up with a solution. Luckily the solution comes from a vendor that we’ve trusted for 15 years and we can now extend the solution that you’ve come to trust for backing up your servers into the cloud to backup your data there too.

In a nutshell here’s how it works:

  • A connector is setup to the cloud application
  • Data is captured as it changes in the cloud
  • This data sync’s to another cloud location owned by the backup service
  • We choose the time to store the backup. Just like we always have.
  • We can restore the files one by one or in a group

This solution works and it’s not very expensive. We’ve got a winner here. Finally a great solution for protecting your data while using the cloud for what the cloud does best.

– Amy, president

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