Why You Should Care About Updates

We all have inconveniences in life. We all have tasks that we don’t want to take the time to do them but we have to. Whether that inconvenience is needing to run to the bank, needing to wash the car, or paying bills, it all has to be done. Some people put things off until the last minute, and some want to tackle them to get it over with. Regardless of your attitude towards inconveniences, they are a part of life.

Many people view software updates as an inconvenience. I am here to tell you that they are not!

Device Updates

The more devices you have, the more updates you will have. Device updates are updates to your Operating System (OS), such as Windows or iOS. Your phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and more all have occasional updates. You may notice a message from time to time telling you that you have an update available, or you may notice that you get a message telling you that your updates will take place at a specific time.

Software updates

The more apps you have, the more updates you will have. Each app will have updates, many are automatic and you will never see them. On your phone, you may notice an icon that looks like it’s loading, even if you’re not using it. That’s an automatic update.

How does my Device know there’s an update?

Have you ever noticed a message telling you that your device didn’t update because it wasn’t plugged in to a power source or because the internet wasn’t available? That’s because your update will need both of those things.

Think of your device as a baby duck leaving the nest on it’s own to explore it’s surroundings. That baby duck will be called home when it’s getting dark or time to eat. The nest in this example is a server that contains the necessary updates that needs to talk back and forth with your device.

The server will send a message through the internet to the device, then once you are properly connected, and it is within the time constraints set on your machine, the device will download the update from the server and install them. This usually happens overnight.

What is in the Update?

There are several types of updates. All of them are important. Updates can have new features, bug fixes, and most importantly Security updates. Don’t ever skip an update because the description doesn’t sound like anything you need. There is almost always enhancements to security included in every update. Not all of them will be listed because it could be a really long list.

Why are Security Updates so Important?

Criminals are constantly looking for backdoors, ways to breach your data, and security holes. When they find one, they exploit it as fast and as hard as they can. Software engineers are constantly looking for these as well, and identifying issues.

As soon as an issue is identified, engineers will create a patch (code that closes the security hole) to be sent out to all users of the specific software. This will get sent out to all everyone in the form of an update.

Twice-Yearly Windows OS Updates

Windows will send out a major update twice a year. Generally in the Spring and again in the Fall you can expect a major update to your Windows operating system. These will take a little longer to download and install. These updates are more than just a quick fix, they basically replace your operating system with the next version. It is very important not to skip these, as they will often cause things to not work properly if you don’t.

Updates Help Make Everything Work Better

We often find that random issues that people may have are often fixed by applying the latest OS updates. Your apps have to talk to your Operating system, and sometimes apps have to talk to each other. Making sure they are all on the latest update helps them all work together more efficiently.  Think of it as a maintenance task like changing the oil in your car.

How to Find out if you Have Updates

Finding updates is really easy!

  1. Click on the Start button at the bottom left hand side of your task bar.
  2. Type the words “Check for Updates”
  3. Choose the Check for Updates selection in the menu.

Don’t think of updates as an inconvenience. Think of them as an opportunity to keep your device in tip-top shape! Never skip and update, and always go ahead and reboot and get that update taken care of.

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