Mastermind round tables enabling remote workers

We’ve noticed that some of our clients are struggling with productivity, accountability and inclusiveness when it comes to managing their work from home staff. We have also noticed that some of our clients are thriving and including home workers in their business has fundamentally changed their business works. We know all of your businesses and the people in them pretty well. Some of this we could have predicted. Some of it we we’ve been surprised by.

To help our clients that are struggling with specific aspects of employing remote workers we’ve put together a series of mastermind roundtables that will take place in December. First an acronym to know: WFH mean work from home and refers to anyone working from their home office whether full or part-time.

The topics to address are:

  • How do you know your WFH staff are working?
  • How do I replicate casual work communication?
  • How do I keep remote workers from feeling left out?
  • What do WFH offices need for productivity?

In each of these roundtables we’ll start the conversation by giving our take on the topic and how we have addressed the problem. We’ve been working from home for 20 years with an entirely distributed WFH staff. We’ll offer some tips. Then the floor is yours.

Here’s the format that the hour-long meetings will take. They will be small groups from 6 to 10 people.

  • Introductions 1 minute each:
    • Name, business type
    • Successful or Struggling?
    • Client or Guest?
  • Presentation 10 minutes
  • Round the table: Successful (10 minutes)
    • 5 minutes for each of two invited success stories
    • What have you done that has worked well?
  • Round the table: Struggling (30 minutes)
    • 2 minutes to describe what you struggle with
    • 3-5 minutes for suggestions from your peers

We well keep a very strict time schedule. The above may not seem like much time for each individual but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of good that can come from a short meeting with your peers. Managers and business owners will be present. It’ll be completely no nonsense just come to do the work to make things better in your business.

I’ve been in mastermind groups for quite a while. I find them very valuable to my thought process in managing the business. We hope that you’ll join us. Expect your invitations to be sent in a direct email. We look forward to welcoming you. If you want to make sure to be included please reply with sign me up! and we’ll make sure that you get an invitation.

Meanwhile, all of our staff has made short films of their home offices. It’s where they work productively full time. Each has their own style but there are a lot of commonalities too. We’ll share one every week both here and on our social media locations. This is Amy’s Office. Doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective.