Lagging behind costs businesses revenue and profit

The Harvard business school recently completed a study on how businesses are performing relative to their adoption of new technology. The results were pretty startling.


It turns out that the technology advantage goes to those firms that view change in a positive light not to those that spend more.


We see this among our clients. Keeping up with technology changes provides an advantage against your competition and the good news is that it doesn’t cost more. In fact, it is more difficult, costly and disruptive to lag behind and then try to catch up. This is why we encourage everyone to make small incremental changes that will continue to move you along with technology. It’s a recipe for success.

– Amy, President Harbor Computer Services


About Harbor Computer Services

Harbor Computer Services is an IT firm servicing Southeastern Michigan. We work exclusively under contract with our clients to provide technology direction and either become the IT department or provide assistance to the internal IT they already have. We have won many awards for our work over the years, including the worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2010. We’re the smallest firm to have ever won this most prestigious award. Most recently we were recognized as one of the top 20 visionaries in small business IT by ChannelPro Magazine (2015). And in 2016 as the top Michigan IT firm for Manufacturing. There are a few simple things that make Harbor Computer Services the best choice for your business. •We are Professionals •We are Responsible •We are Concerned About The Success of Your Business

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