The importance of depth of contacts

One of the things that we work very hard on at Harbor Computer Services is building depth of contact within the vendors that our customers rely upon.

We received this recently from the product manager for the development of OneDrive after he resolved an issue that one of our clients was having syncing data on an Apple device.


Hi All,

I have an update for everyone, we got the fix in and it should be a part of the next update. You can expect it either this weekend or early next week. Thank you again for reporting this. I’m sure thousands of other users were hitting this and had no idea, your explanation and logs were critical to figuring it out.

How do we get the development team for a product at Microsoft to make their top priority fixing a problem for our client? You do it by contacting his boss, the worldwide product manager for OneDrive. But not until after you’ve exhausted the traditional support methods. There’s a tipping point where support can no longer help but the issue is a bug in the product and only the development team can help. That’s when we invoke our super powers and get our clients problem made #1 priority at Microsoft.

Another incident like this occurred when we discovered a bug in the installer for Sage. We have several clients that use various Sage products. Going through support had reached a dead end. And although we didn’t have a ready channel into Sage executive management we knew how to build one.

We reached through the sales team, to the VP of worldwide support and from him into the development team of the installer. Like Microsoft they were grateful that we did and were able to write a fix quickly once they understood the problem.

Because most people give up and implement some work around rather than bring the problem to the people that can solve it vendors are often left operating in the dark. That’s not a place that they want to be and from company to company we’ve found that when we can reach through the red-tape to the right people that features and fixes in software used worldwide is a direct result of this effort.

This types of incidents come up from time to time. Going through the experience is as frustrating for you as it is for us. We want to solve every problem with the click of button and make it instant for you. But when that fails, having depth of contact within the vendors that you depend upon is what separates us from the competition.

I’m proud of my team for always doing what’s right.

– Amy, Harbor Computer Services


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