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Protecting you from ransomware

We started protecting you from ransomware in 2013 and yet recently in the news they make it sound like it’s something new that businesses should be addressing. Frustrating. We’re so low key about this that you might not even know what ransomware is. It’s a criminal activity whereby the bad […]

Change your Yahoo password

In the news yesterday we learned some confusing information about the stolen passwords from Yahoo. No one under 35 years of age had their password stolen 500 Million passwords stolen The account hack took place in 2014 The data is for sale at a very low price These things all […]

Be on the lookout for scams

Be on the Lookout for Scams We recently received two calls on the same day from people with notices that demanded money from them on the screen. One was a desktop computer. They wanted to remote in and take care of a “security issue”. Of course they themselves were the […]

The Internet of Things

When I hear the phrase “Internet of Things” my first thought is “what a stupid name” but I’m going to have to get over it because it appears that this naming convention for devices connected to the Internet is here to stay. By devices I means things like the Nest […]

What is an schannel?

By now you have probably received a notice from your technician that they need to do an emergency schannel update to your server. It needs to be applied to any server that has a presence on the Internet first. Other servers are less critical but eventually all will need to […]