Harbor Achieves Cloud Certification; CyberSecure Training for You; It’s time to schedule training

First a bit of news: We recently completed the necessary requirements for achieving our cloud certification with Microsoft. It required us to submit 3 case studies and have over 150 seats of successful installations plus customer references to verify it all. The benefit to this is that we now have additional support options available to us and we’re one of few firms in the area that have this certification. It’s one thing to say that you’ve deployed Cloud solutions to businesses and another to be able to say that a third party has verified that the solutions you’ve deployed were successful. We carefully chose our solutions to represent our clients needs.

Second bit of news: We also recently became corporate members of the industry association, CompTia. CompTia has already started to leverage our expertise and Amy will be speaking at their annual member meeting on Cloud Solutions in Manufacturing and Engineering. She is also been elected to the Advancing Women in Technology executive council which runs a matching community within the organization, donates to local community efforts to engage high schools girls in technology and puts on a variety of webinars throughout the year. CompTia spent about 2 years of serious recruitment effort to get us to join up so they could leverage our expertise for their membership.

CyberSecure Training for You: Is one of the benefits of this new relationship that we’ll be bringing to you. This is a 60 minute training program for your staff. 52% of all security problems are caused by staff actions and it’s all preventable if only they knew a few simple tricks and had a bit of training. Ted and Amy took the course themselves and we really believe that your staff will get a lot out of it so we’ve bought each of our clients 1 license of the training program. cloud certification-training

How should you use your license? We’re suggesting two ways:

1. Take the training course yourself, then disseminate the information to your staff

1.1 Optionally purchase additional licenses for them. Each additional license is $50. The courses are self-paced and online.

2. Pick two days to hold an hour long lunch and learn on each day. Our staff will come in and go through the course with your staff on a shared screen or projector so everyone can take the course at once with our leadership. Along the way we’ll add some additional content that is relevant to your business. You’ll be billed for the time that we’re there but you won’t need any additional licenses of the training program.

2.5 Mix it up! Many of our client have staff in town, out of town, on the road. Use additional licenses, online training, remote trainer led training. Your choice. We want you to use the license in the most effective way possible.


cloud certification-training

Contact your Tech and let them know how you want to proceed with staff training. We honestly think it will make a difference.


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