7 Things You’ll Love About Windows 10

I asked everyone to provide their favorite new features of Windows 10 that they thought you would love. Here’s the list:

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Bruce: TaskView is new and live! Just press the TaskView button on the toolbar to flip between them. If you have something running you can quickly check on the status too. 

Windows 10


Missy: I love the new start menu! Everything I use is at the top level so there’s no more clicking. It’s all just right there.

Windows 10Windows 10



Parrish: Action Center is so convenient. It sits in the system tray and makes it easy to access your settings and system messages.



Ted: Cross Platform standardization. Phone, Tablet and PC interface is the same across all devices. Now you can do everything the same way no matter what device you have in your hand. AND our CAD clients are going to really like the improved graphic processing.



Alaa: We can setup multiple desktops at the same time. This let’s you run your work applications in a distraction free desktop. When I’m working on one desktop I don’t see the things running in the other desktop. You don’t need multiple monitors to do this either.Windows 10


Amy: I’ve become addicted to Cortana. Not because she tells good jokes but because she does a great jobCortana at being my personal assistant. She checks on package delivery status, tracks my flights, puts maps together for my meetings, checks the traffic and tell me when to leave, delivers the news according to my interests, reminds me of my next appointment and when the next MSU football game is on, she also tells me “what’s fake on the Internet” because I asked her to track that for me. She’s also tied into my phone where I can ask her, “next time I’m at Home Depot remind me to buy lightbulbs” and she will because using GPS she’s aware of where I am at all times.


Misty: I like the reading view in Edge. It removes all of the advertising, menu’s and other distractions so that only the article that I want to read is on the page. Just look at the difference!

Windows 10             Windows 10


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