Time for Spring Cleaning–Recycle Those Computers

Spring is in the air (hasn’t it been since December?) and it’s time to clean out the old computer equipment that has collected dust in the closet. The price is gold is sky high. That’s good news for computer equipment recycling. Whereas previously we had to pay to get business computers recycled, recyclers are now doing it for free.

Recycling computer equipment is a two step process.

Secure those hard drives:

  • Hard drives need to be removed from the computer prior to recycling. The recycler will not destroy your data.
  • We will charge $20 per hard drive to physically destroy them.

Call Missy (248-890-9274) or Email missy@harborcomputerservices.net  to schedule a pickup:

  • 10 or more computers. The recycler will pick up directly from your office. There is no charge for the pickup.
  • Fewer than 10. We have to pick them up from you and consolidate into a larger lot for pick from here. If we can work this into our regular visit there will be no charge. If we need to make a special trip then we will charge a $40 pick up fee.

When we say computer that means the CPU or what most people call “the hard drive”. It’s the base of the computer with the circuit boards in them. That’s where the gold lives that pays for the recycling of the rest of the components. With your computer recycling you can also recycle monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, routers, switches…all of that old computer stuff at no fee. So please take advantage of this great opportunity while it lasts.

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