Modern Methods of File Sharing

Like just about everything in technology recently the options for file sharing have exploded. For such a long time the only real ways to share a file were to send it via email or put it into an FTP folder. But were those methods really sharing? Or where they just sending? Yep, we couldn’t actually share a file we could only send it to someone. But today we can actually share files with people inside and outside of our company and do our shared work together.

Here are some modern methods of file sharing:


Example 1: file sharingCreated a folder in One Drive and shared it with someone outside of my business. When she makes changes to the files I get a notification.






Example 2: We recently moved ourfile sharing documentation into OneNote. We share those files among all of us. We used to use Excel but it isn’t as flexible as OneNote. OneNote allows us to put all types of documents into a single file. It also allows simultaneous editing of the file and tracks the changes made. Here I can see which items that Parrish checked off and which Alaa did.




Example 3: Using Skype for Business wefile sharing can edit a document together on the fly. Ted and I did this recently when we needed to make a change to our Cloud contract. We launched Skype for Business, opened up the document and we could both make changes simultaneously.








Example 3.5: Once you’ve save a document into Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business you can open with Word Online (it comes with full Office Online too) and then choose to co-author a document. It’s the same process above as editing with Skype but it doesn’t require Skype. file sharing


These are just a few ideas for how you can truly share a file with other people.


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