OneDrive’s best kept secret

Receiving files from customers has been a process of many hoops for a long time, but OneDrive has this problem solved. The thing is that very few people know about it. The feature is called Request Files. With just a little setup on our end and little know-how on your end, you could be securely and easily receiving files straight into OneDrive.

How it works

Your customer will see a request for files from you, like below, or you can send them a link to click. Either way when they click they are asked to enter their first and last name. They don’t need OneDrive, 365 or even to login.

You can request files be uploaded into any folder you choose so, have your customer upload directly into your customer or project folder. It’s perfectly safe and they never see the contents of your folder.

Once the file(s) have been uploaded, within a few minutes you’ll get an email notification that your customer has uploaded files to you. In your OneDrive, what you’re going to see is that the file has the pre-pended name of the person that uploaded it to you.

This solution can meet any of your compliance and security requirements. It’s very easy for people on both ends of this transaction to use and it’s modern. Best of all you already own it! Let your assigned tech know that you’d like to start using Request Files and we’ll do our work on the backend to get it ready for you. Then, we’ll need to schedule some training to make sure everyone knows how to use this new tool. We could do that training one on one or as a lunch and learn for a small group.

You’re really going to love this.

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