Some new features in your Office 365 subscription are available

Office 365 feature and application list is constantly growing. Below are a few of the more interesting changes that happened in February. I’ve written about the new applications, GigJam and Teams in other blog posts so I won’t repeat those here.

Existing Shared Links that you’ve created may stop working on March 30th

On March 30, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business will adjust aspects of anonymous access and internal links (people in my organization) that may impact any links generated before May 2016. Any links created before May 2016, and not used since, may no longer work and the owner will need to recreate a new anonymous link and share it again with the invitee. If a link had been generated AND used before May 2016, it will continue to work after this change.

Usually when you share a document or a folder with an outside customer or vendor you send them a link to click to gain access to the files. And most of the time this is to provide short term access to the files. But if you have any places where you’ve created a link prior to May 2016 that people are still using, then on April 1 you’re going to need to send them a new one. 

There’s one other thing if a link hasn’t been used very recently but you know that you want to keep it active, then you need to go in and click on it. Otherwise all unused links are going to be deactivated by this update.

All of this annoyance is to bring you new finer grained control over your shared documents. The pain, if there is any, will be worth while.

New Version of Skype for Business MAC client

This release includes P2P desktop sharing, additional USB device support, and several other improvements for the client.

If you have a MAC then you’ll want to install the latest version of Skype for Business on it. To do so you will log into and download it from the home page there. This is your office 365 portal and uses the same username/password combination as your email.

Project Users need to Upgrade

Project is an important application to a few of our customers. If that is you, then there’s a mandatory upgrade needed to be able to continue to use it together with Project online.

If you are using Project 2016, you need to be on a supported build to connect to Project Online. For Project Professional 2016 customers, the RTM build (16.0.4266.1000) is the minimum build. For Office 365 customers using the Project Online Desktop Client (the subscription version of Project Professional 2016), you need to be on the previous Deferred Channel build (currently build 16.0.6741.2088) or any other build that is more recent.

– Amy, president

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