Necessary Website Changes

Google is the undisputed leader in Internet search. As a result they get to make up the rules for determining how websites rank in those results. Recently two important changes were announced that will have a dramatic effect on how your website ranks. If you are expecting that new customers might find your business through your website or even that once you’ve made contact with a potential customer that they might look up your website then you’ll want to update your site to accommodate these important changes.

1. Google has said that “soon” it will begin to rank websites that do not offer SSL lower than those that do. Further they will “eventually” not rank unprotected websites at all. This means that your website will have to be in order to be seen. You get the https by having an SSL certificate assigned to your website. The words “soon” and “eventually” are in quote because no date has been assigned to this change. Google rarely gives anyone a heads up on changes in how they rank. So that they have, means we should sit up and take notice and get your website updated. Ask us what you need to do.

2. Google is NOW ranking websites that have a mobile view higher than those that don’t. What they are looking for here is a separate view of your website that display appropriately in the browser on your phone. Our website passes this test. So if you visit it on your computer, then on your phone, you’ll see what I mean.  You can also test your website by typing in your browser into Google’s test page.

– Amy Babinchak, Harbor Computer Services

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