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Writing and digging through files and email for information is one of the top time sinks that people report. In response, Microsoft has been adding ContextIQ to its applications. According to Microsoft, the average employee experiences 56 interruptions a day and spends an estimated two hours each day recovering from distractions. Interruptions disrupt the flow of work and they can be external – a colleague emails you to send a report – or internal – searching for information or files so you can include it in something you’re writing. This is what Context IQ aims to help solve.

While typing, if you mention a document Context IQ will offer attach a link to that document. Also if you type @ that is an indicator that you want to select a person and will present a drop down list of recent contacts.

Context IQ is also integrated into your calendar. If while typing and email or Teams message you say something about meeting on Thursday, then suggested calendar times that are open on your calendar will show up for you to choose from.

Picking a date, entering some data, mentioning a person may seem like little things but any time you can avoid spending minutes clicking, searching, copying, is time saved.

Now when you see these things pop-up you’ll know that it’s called Context IQ.

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