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Grateful November
Grateful November

It’s November, a time for family, food, hoodies, cuddling up in a warm blanket, but most of all, it’s a time for gratefulness. Here at Harbor Computer Services, we are grateful for many things, most of all, YOU, our customers! But there are plenty more things that we are grateful for, and want to share some of them with you. So, we decided that our theme for November will be Grateful November!

Shortcuts are little helpful ways to get through life a little easier, or a little faster. Microsoft has done an excellent job of developing standard shortcuts to help users accomplish things more efficiently and faster! We are grateful for shortcuts.

What is the WinKey?

Before we list some shortcuts, it is important to define the WinKey. This is also called the Windows Key. You may have noticed it before, but most (non-Apple) keyboards have a WinKey. Though it is often overlooked, it is very helpful when using shortcuts. Usually located on the bottom row, to the left between the Ctrl and the Alt keys, sometimes there is a 2nd one on the right side as well.

WinKey AKA Windows Key
WinKey AKA Windows Key

Pressing the WinKey by itself will bring up your start menu, where you can find your applications, settings, and controls. There are also a lot of shortcuts that use the WinKey.

Using the WinKey to Snap Windows

This is really more of a Windows thing, as opposed to Office 365, but with Windows 7, Snap was introduced. Snap is used to easily move multiple windows to specific sections of your screen. Try this:

WinKey + Left Arrow Snap current window to the left half of the screen
WinKey + Right Arrow Snap current window to the right half of the screen
WinKey + Up Arrow Snap current window to the top half of the screen
WinKey + Down Arrow Snap current window to the bottom half of the screen


Universal Shortcuts in Office 365

Microsoft has designated several shortcut keys that work throughout all their products. Here are some useful shortcuts:

Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + B Makes selected text bold
Ctrl + U Makes selected text underlined
Ctrl + I Makes selected text in italics
Ctrl + P Print your current screen
Ctrl + C Copy selected
Ctrl + V Paste selected
Ctrl + X Cut selected
Ctrl + Y

Undo last action

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of us have been using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for many years. There are so many features that it’s impossible to know it all for most of us. It’s not surprising that there are some good keyboard shortcuts that you may not know, and just might find useful. Here are a few that you may like:

F7 Opens Spelling and Grammar
Shift + F3 Toggle between all Caps, Lower case, and Title case
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Turn off hyperlinks for selected text
Ctrl + Space Paste text without formatting
Ctrl + [ Decrease font size
Ctrl + ] Increase font size


Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts in Excel that will help you be more efficient. Here are a few:

Ctrl + Page Up Scroll through tabs in a workbook
Ctrl + Page Down Scroll through tabs in a workbook
Alt + Enter Enter text as a new line within a cell
Ctrl + ; Enter the current date
Ctrl + 1 Open formatting for the current cell
F2 Open the formula box
Esc Deselect
Ctrl + 0 Hide Column
Ctrl + 9 Hide Row
Ctrl + Shift + 0 Unhide Column
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Unhide Row


Tons of Shortcuts

Both Harbor Computer Services and Microsoft are dedicated to helping you work more efficiently. Shortcuts are just one way that you can work smarter, and not harder. Stay tuned to our blog for more shortcut posts!


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