Daily safety and health verification form

At Harbor our tag line is “we care about your business” and at few instances have we had more of a need to prove that than now.

One of the things that we need to do is to make sure that our customers are safe and comfortable with our staff when they visit your place of work. To fulfill that need we have instituted a new company policy for safety and health.

This policy says that our staff will adhere to a specific health and safety regimen

  • Take and report their temperature at the start of the day
  • Report any symptoms or illness in themselves or their household
  • Clean and sanitize their computer equipment, tools and computer bags that they might carry into your office
  • Wear disposable protective gloves while in your office
  • Wear protective mask while in your office
  • Never work in your office for more than 4 hours nor a total of 4 hours across all clients that they visit during the workday
  • Not work in areas where social distancing is not possible
  • Not gather in groups
  • Not attend meetings in person

This policy will grow, shrink and evolve over time but we will always endeavor to make sure that it is appropriate.

To make this policy simple for everyone we have created a form. This form is to be filled by each of our employees at the start of the day.

The form starts out very simple and then depending on the answers given it branches into additional questions. It actually branches a couple of times. If they say yes to the symptoms question it asks for details. If they say no, then it asks if they are going onsite to clients today. If they say yes to that they are prompted to verify that they have sanitized their equipment, have masks, gloves, etc. If they say no, then the form ends. So everyone employee only has to answer only the questions that apply to their situation.

I’ve made a copy for you to try out. Click here to give it a go. Try answering yes or no in different places to see what happens. Perhaps you are in need for a form like this? We can certainly customize it for you. The software is already available in your Microsoft 365 subscription and it won’t take long to do. The form can then be accessed by employees from their mobile phone or computer. And the manager has access to the collected data via excel or web. Of course it can get fancier but the basic set of tools is really quite powerful.

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