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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a moving target. How do you keep your business going when part or all of it is down? We had that experience Saturday, Sunday and today when the main office power went out and stayed out. We have no idea what Detroit Edison was doing or why. […]

You’re the First to Know

It’s only appropriate that my clients are the first to know. Without the experiences that I’ve had working for all of you I would have never had the opportunity to learn. Without your encouragement and support of my business I would have never had the opportunity to be successful. So […]

Announcing the HelpDesk

We are pleased to announce beta testing of our first online helpdesk. The purpose of the helpdesk is to provide you a place to enter service requests and track the progress toward a resolution. The helpdesk will also provide us with issue tracking and will over time build a knowledgebase […]

Nomination to ISA MVP

Small Business Tech Notes In an exciting turn of events I have been nominated for recognition as an ISA Server MVP (most valuable professional). ISA Server is Microsoft’s enterprise firewall and a component of Small Business Server. Somehow my hard work at making sure your data is safely tucked behind […]

An article published!

An article that I wrote on how to overcome the time server issue reported in the previous blog entry has been published by Thank you Tom Shiner for believing in me. The details of my findings have also been delivered to the powers that be at Microsoft by Jim […]