Marketing for Manufacturers

I came across this blog. The theme is digital and traditional marketing for manufacturers. Norman Wright is the author of this blog and I thought there were some very good tips. It would be worth subscribing to, even if you aren’t in manufacturing.


Here are 12 action items that you should implement to start creating your own Brand Centric Culture at your manufacturing company:

  1. Know what you stand for
  2. Know what makes you unique
  3. Be meticulous over the “Experience”
  4. Everyone in the company needs to “live the Brand”
  5. Be strategically intentional on how your brand is viewed by the customer
  6. All decisions should be designed to strengthen your brand not weaken it
  7. Have a “Brand Champion” focused on your Brand. Someone that is passionate about it
  8. Realize that every member of your team is a spokesperson for your brand
  9. Build a leadership team that understands the power of words, imagery & detail
  10. Understand that all “Stake Holders” impact the strength of the Brand and the conveyance of the message of the Brand.
  11. Realize that your Brand is a reflection of the culture and the culture needs to be reflected in the day to day actions of your company
  12. Maintain consistent real-time feedback from your target audience via Social Media implementation in to your strategy

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