Messenger Moves to Skype

The much beloved Messenger application is almost dead. Microsoft has decided that March 15th will be it’s last day of functionality. On that day you will have to start using another IM client. Microsoft thinks that you will like to use Skype.

When Microsoft purchased Skype I expected them to integrate Skype into everything but instead they have move Messenger into Skype and integrated Skype (optionally) into Office 365.

None of that is important right now, the important part at this time is that you have a plan to stop using Messenger and start using another IM client. If you choose Skype all of your contacts will migrate over seamlessly.

If you would rather not use Skype, let us know. We have some alternatives we could offer especially if you’d like to keep your IM’s private within your company.

We’re here to help with this migration. If you need a hand with it please let us know. When we talk to you between now and then we’re going to be asking about whether you are using Messenger currently because the move needs to happen BEFORE March 15th or you’ll lose  access to your contacts.

– Amy

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