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Intel, the maker of computer processors, has been made aware of a major flaw in their processors and emergency patches are being released to address the issue. The flaw exposes data in virtual memory. All computers use virtual memory today. As this is a kernel level issue there are several steps required to patch the systems. Intel is saying that this fix will likely slow down servers to some degree with systems running older versions of the processor more effected than newer models.

The official explanation is supposed to be release later today but here is what we know now…

“The exact bug appears to be related to the way that regular apps and programs can discover the contents of protect kernel memory areas. Kernels in operating systems have complete control over the entire system, and connect applications to the processor, memory, and other hardware inside a computer. There appears to be a flaw in modern processors that let attackers bypass kernel access protections so that regular apps can read the contents of kernel memory.”

This is a big deal because Kernel memory areas are supposed to be completely protected from access by applications. The like kernel inside of a seed housing DNA for future generations the kernel of the operating system contains protected data that applications should not be able to touch.

Microsoft and anti-virus vendors are publishing updates to protect systems from the flaw while hardware vendors are preparing the necessary fixes. You should also patch your home computer. MACS and Linux systems are included in this vulnerability.


  • Windows 10 will receive an automatic update today. Please make sure that everyone says yes to the update installation notice.
  • Windows 7 and 8 will receive the update next week. Please make sure that everyone installs the updates to their computer.


  • Trend has release an update and it will be pushed out through the regular updating process
  • Defender is already up to date

Hardware Firmware:

  • Each hardware vendor will be publishing firmware updates that will have to be deployed manually. Firmware is software that resides inside of hardware components, such as processors, system boards, and hard drive RAID managers. Harbor will keep a ear out for each release and apply them as they become available.


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