Your Computer Will Upgrade to Windows 10 Soon

We all heard the good news that Windows 10 will be free but many people didn’t read further along to realize that Windows 10 will be pushed down through the updating mechanism and upgrade your computer automatically. After that your computer will have Windows 10 on it, you will just keep working along as usual and all of your applications will be none the wiser about it. Sorry if you just choked on your coffee but that is exactly what Microsoft has planned for you.

This month an update was released that looks over your computer and enumerates it as being ready for upgrade to Windows 10. Essentially any computer that is Windows 7 or better is ready for upgrade.

For computer systems that are members of a domain we can create a policy to prevent certain machines from upgrading to Windows 10. Our recommendation is that we do that. This then would give you control of which computers get the upgrade and when they get the upgrade. We do not recommend not upgrading. What we are recommending is that a plan be made to upgrade a computer or two as a trial. Maybe a computer or two in each department if you are larger company. Then if that goes well to schedule the rollout to everyone else. We have 1 year to complete this process.

If your computers are not joined to a domain, well then we don’t have much option. You’ll be getting the upgrade. You will have the choice to decline it but it will bug you continuously for a full year about starting the upgrade process. If you decide to continue to decline the upgrade for the full year then you will become ineligible for future upgrades on that computer.

By upgrading your computers to Windows 10 you will position yourselves into the new way that operating systems are going to be delivered. It will continue to update and upgrade as long as your own it, which means you will have the latest security protection and version at all times. It’s the new way that Microsoft is handling Windows. Essentially there really won’t be versions anymore. There will just be Windows and it will always be the most current release.

So this is all expected to happen pretty soon, June is a guess, they haven’t set a firm date yet but we can see that the preparations are under way. BTW, we’re all running Windows 10. It works. We haven’t had any issues with normal operations. During this preview beta-type process there have been a few hiccups but that isn’t unexpected. Windows 10 looks to be shaping up nicely.


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