Windows 10 New Update Process

Windows 10 uses the new Microsoft update process which parts company from the old way of doing things. The old way of doing things meant that updates were pushed out once per month. The new way of doing things pushes out updates as they are published, which means that your computer might need to reboot to install those updates several times each month. This is called Agile programming. People like us that aren’t developers call it annoying but this is the overwheming way that all software companies are handling things now. Agility is the new black.


Until now, this has meant that your computer would reboot when ever it felt like it. For us this seemed to happen while we’re remotely connected to you to help resolve a problem or we’re giving a demo in a meeting – the most inconvenient time possible.

So I was happy to see that a recent update brought down a new feature that let’s you set the active hours for your computer. On my computer I’ve told it that I’m likely using my computer from 8am to 6pm so don’t reboot during those hours. update process

You’ll want to set yours too. To find this setting type windows update into the search bar, choose Windows Update settings from the results and then click the Set Active Hours.

update process

You should also know that Windows will still be installing the updates in the background, they just won’t become active until a reboot occurs. Letting updates sit in this state can sometimes cause your computer to go wonky. That’s my technical term for odd behaviors like mouse jumps around, keyboard doesn’t type right, screen flashes, print jobs disappear…just strange things that normally don’t happen. Then you go to reboot and it says “restart and update” and then you know that there was an installed update causing the problem.

So don’t linger on the updates and don’t linger on the reboot. Just set your time when you don’t want to reboot and be sure to say YES when it asks to reboot.

– Amy. President, Harbor Computer Services

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