What’s new in Office 2010: PowerPoint

Although there are more components of Office like InfoPath, Sharepoint Workspace and Sharepoint Designer, Access, Project and Visio this will be our last installment. I’m happy to share information with you about these applications for those who want them. Contact me and I’ll send them to you.

PowerPoint has transformed everything from business presentations to school science projects. PowerPoint 2010 builds on the HUGE number of new features seen in 2007.

Presentations to live and virtual audiences – PowerPoint has a remote slide show capability that lets you present a slide show over the Web or a network connection to virtual attendees or live attendees, or both. No expensive video conferencing account required!Some common broadcast scenarios are as follows:

· Ad hoc one-on-one broadcast.

· Invite multiple viewers to view a presentation remotely at any time.

· Present a slide show to both live and remote attendees at the same time in the context of a training session, meeting, or conference call.

Working with text and objects – PowerPoint provides improved editing tools with a new set of Photo Effects that enable you to transform your images.

· Video and audio editing

· Graphics, transitions, and animations

· Help and translation

Presentation security – In PowerPoint 2007, new security features were introduced to help ensure that a presentation was safely managed after it left the user’s hands. In PowerPoint 2010, the permissions can still be set, but now through the Backstage view. Security features include the following:

· Prevent unintended changes to a final version of a document by using the Mark as Final command.

· Provide assurance as to the authenticity, integrity, and origin of the presentation by adding a digital signature.

· Assign permissions that prevent other users from copying, printing, or editing the presentation by selecting the access level specific to their requirements.

· Manage document properties through the Backstage view.

PowerPoint Viewer – The Viewer lets you view presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, PowerPoint 2002, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007, and PowerPoint 2010. The Viewer also supports opening password-protected PowerPoint presentations.

And now for a little training:

Make the switch to PowerPoint 2010 (about 45 minutes)

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