What does Server 2016 mean to you?

Windows Server 2016 was released today! Don’t fall asleep on me yet. This server does represent a big change that might mean something to your business. There are three broad brush things that you need to know about Server 2016.


Cloud Connections

There will always be those things that you don’t want in the cloud or that are actually inconvenient to have in the cloud. But you’ll have cloud things too so how do you resolve the problem of making sure that you can access everything from everywhere even if some of it is in the cloud and some of it is in your office? This is the problem that 2016 is designed to solve.

Microsoft has built in connectors to the cloud. The idea is that employees shouldn’t have to know where something is located. Is it in the cloud or in the office? Who cares? I just want to use it, not have to enter in a separate password and just start working. Server 2016 is solving this problem.


Every moment the bad guys have figured out a new way to get at your money through exploiting software or social engineering. Server 2016 updates the security structure. Like all versions before it, it is more secure than the last. The details won’t mean anything to you but they really have introduced a ton of new security features. It’ll keep the bad guys busy for a while.


Microsoft has now turned everything into a role. Previously we had Essentials server, Multipoint server, SQL server, Terminal servers, Exchange server…you get the idea. Everything was another server with another licensing structure. Well they have finally consolidated. Now you just buy Server, then add the role that you’re going to use it for and buy the user licenses to go with it. Much simpler.


So what does Server 2016 mean to you? Simpler, more secure, more seamless with the cloud. When it comes time to upgrade your system we’ll get into more specifics.


– Amy Babinchak, president Harbor Computer Services


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