Last Chance to Upgrade to Windows 10

July is upon us and this month is the last chance you have to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 without paying for it. It’s a never before offered opportunity from Microsoft.

Is free really free? Of course not, there is the cost of getting the free upgrade onto your computer. It takes about 2 hours and during that time you can’t use your computer. The good news is that most of it is automated so generally you don’t have to pay us to sit and watch it the whole time. We can do a bunch of them at once providing doing so fits into everyone’s schedule.

Why should you upgrade? This upgrade is pretty painless. Windows 10 is very friendly and easy to use. The big reason to upgrade is to get onto the new continuous updating platform. What this means is that Microsoft isn’t going to be coming out with new versions every few years. Instead your computer will move along with updates and improved features and stay current longer. We’re expecting that the move to this new system of updating will mean that you’ll keep your computer longer.

Is your software compatible with Windows 10? Probably! Windows 10 is very compatible so the rule of thumb is that if it worked on Windows 7 then it will work fine in Windows 10 too. There is a pre-check for hardware and software compatibility that we’ll run to make sure everything will work before Windows 10 gets installed.

So please contact your tech to schedule your Windows 10 upgrade. July is going to fly by before we know it and there’s only so many time slots available.

– Amy. President, Harbor Computer Services

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