Two 10’s

Yes, Windows 10 is going to come down as an update therefore it will be automatically be deployed to your computer if you are running Windows 8.1. Yes this means that it’s FREE just like Windows 8.1 was and like Windows 8 was for a time.  It is my prediction from several years back coming true – Windows will be free. Microsoft isn’t entirely giving up this cash cow but they are giving up revenue from upgrades in return for mandating that you upgrade. Thankfully they have made upgrading much easier. Every Windows 8.1 computer will receive an upgrade notification. Like 8.1 it takes some time to do but your settings are all preserved. We’ve been through a few already in the technical preview so we are ready to provide assistance.  Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8,1 and 10 all have the same hardware requirements. It’s that amazing? It used to be that in order to run the latest version of Windows that you had to purchase a new computer but now we are able to upgrade because we have reached that place where hardware is sufficiently powerful and has been now for some years that replacement is no longer mandatory.

Here are a few early highlights in Windows 10.

Windows 10 answers some of the feedback that people sent to Microsoft about Windows 8.1. Most noticeably, people wanted the Start menu back and so Windows 10 has one. Personally having lived without the Start menu for a last couple of years I’m not happy getting it back but it will make the transition smoother for some.

Windows 10 moves automatically from touch to non-touch screen displaying different options depending on the hardware you are connected to at the moment. So if you’ve purchased a Surface or similar tablet device that has a touch screen and removable keyboard yet still connects to a full size keyboard and multiple monitors when you’re in the office, you’ll enjoy Windows 10 as it switches options to optimize itself for touch or not depending on where you are using it.

Windows 10 automatically sync’s it’s setting into OneDrive so as you move between different Windows devices, laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, even xbox, your settings, your apps, your shortcuts, and your favorites follow you. OneDrive has been doing most of this for some time but it has really been ramped up and made more obvious in Windows 10.


And now for the second 10. We are celebrating a 10 year anniversary with Ted. Congratulations Ted we’re pleased that you’ve stuck with Harbor this long and look forward to many more years head!

– Amy


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