Temporarily restricting travel – again

Sadly, I have had to again take the safety of Harbor’s staff into account and restrict travel to client offices. The virus seems to be out of control once again, this time focusing itself on rural areas and universities. We know that this encompasses many of staff members of our clients and so protect Harbor staff and keep them from potentially spreading any virus from location to location we are going to remote-only support. We’ll review the situation each week and hopefully get back to being able to safely provide on-site support soon.

I have complete faith in the skillset of Harbor’s people to provide excellent remote support. We have excellent remote access tools and meeting solutions and so other than being able to shake your hand or plug something in, there should be little difference.

It’s been an odd year and it looks like we’re in for at least another full year of this mess. I really hope that we can get back to safety soon.

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