SSL Certificates, DNS and Domains

We have fixed a price gouging issue. It wasn’t that long ago that we were able to obtain SSL certificates from GoDaddy at a very reasonable price for a basic certificate to protect remote access to the websites hosted on your servers. We turned to GoDaddy to supply these after running into pricing issues with other suppliers. This worked until now. But this year prices jumped at GoDaddy from $19, to $29 to $69 for renewals. So we went on a hunt and decided that it was time to register ourselves as resellers of these services and protect our clients (you) from this price gouging.

We are now registered with ENOM a bulk reseller of Comodo, Symantec and GeoTrust, TrustE, and SiteLock. They have the bulk pricing from these companies that we can pass along to you at very reasonable rates. For example, instead of a $69 SSL certificate renewal it will only be $30 for a basic certificate. We can also host your DNS records, websites and do domain registrations too. All will be at similar bulk rate pricing as compared to the general public pricing.

There’s no need to make any changes immediately. But as your domain renewals come due, SSL certificates expire we’ll be offering to renew them through this new service. I think that we have a win-win here and we’re happy to provide it to you.

– Amy

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