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This past weekend I gave a rare seminar on online security issues for home. Typically I’m only speaking to businesses but this time it was your average retired person. I thought that perhaps you’d also find some of the links useful.

One statistic stands out above all others when it comes to security. Phishing emails are the source of 93% of all malware and scams. Phone calls are included in this phishing statistic. So let’s keep those calls off of our phones.

  • HTTPS://www.NOMOROBO.COM This service will prevent scam phone calls to your landlines for free. There is a charge to include your cellphone. It really does work.
  • This is the government list of phone numbers that cannot be included in lists that marketers use. Contrary to popular belief the registrations never expire.

The least secure items you own fall under the category of IOT (Internet of things). These are the Ring doorbells, Alexa, Google Home, PS4, XBox, security cameras, Nest, etc that are in and around your home. It is anything that connects to the internet using wireless (generally) and even includes your wireless router. There’s only one device that I know of that specializes in protecting them and will alert you to update them, let you know if the password hasn’t been changed from the factory default and more. It also includes anti-malware protection for your phones, will find any device and does parental controls too. It’s called the BitDefender Box. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Passwords are the least secure method of securing accounts. They can now be broken in a matter of minutes.

  • Use a password tool. Everywhere that requires a password needs a unique and very complex password. Roboform will remember your passwords for you. Now you only have to remember 1 password and let Roboform do the rest. Free for home use.
  • Take advantage of 2-factor authentication where ever it is offer to you. This the option of having a security code sent to you phone. It is a pain but it is the only way to protect your accounts well today.


– Amy, president

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