SBS 2008 Certification — Accomplishments

Ted, Diana and Amy have received confirmation that they have all passed the SBS 2008 technical certification exam. This marks an accomplishment whose journey started 2 years ago with the first Alpha release of SBS 2008.

How was Harbor Computer Services involved in the development of SBS 2008?

  • Actively participated in beta testing, submitting over 2 dozen bugs during the development process
  • Completed numerous surveys to assist the development team create a product relevant to real small business clients.
  • Amy invited to help develop technician certification exam. She worked with a team developing the criteria to be tested and reviewed exam questions for correctness.
  • Successfully lobbied Microsoft on behalf of our clients to include downgrade rights to SQL and Windows license in SBS 2008 Premium.
  • Amy, Ted and Diana achieve SBS 2008 technical certification.
  • Ted and Diana invited for final certification exam review. Ted went to Redmond to work with a team to provide real world review of technical exam questions.

SBS is probably the single most important software product to the majority of our clients. We have made a significant effort to be part of the development process at Microsoft and invested a huge amount of time to make sure that we are on top of all of the changes in the product. But most importantly, we took advantage of every opportunity to tell Microsoft what is important to our clients as they created this new product.

SBS 2008 is here and I couldn’t be prouder of my team for the effort that they put in and the accomplishments they have achieved.

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