Reviewing our Techs

Shortly most of you will receive an email from me asking to complete a survey. This short 10 question survey is designed to help me verify that my new technicians are doing a good job.

On my end of things, I see the incoming email requests from you and the tickets created by my staff. We have bi-weekly meetings to review client status where everyone reports on what’s happening with each of the clients they are responsible for and I pepper them with questions. Now I also have Ted as Technical Manager making sure that projects get completed in a timely manner and working closer with each tech. But the part that is difficult for us to see is our techs interaction with you whether in person or over the phone.

Each question is a simple yes or no with a box available for you to add some information that we might find helpful in our evaluation. I hope that you will comment so we can make the most of this process. And thanks in advance for the time that you will take to complete this survey.


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