Back to Basics. A review of time savers

There are some amazing time savers at your finger tips and recently we’ve come to realize that not everyone knows about them. So let’s refresh your memory and introduce some time saving shortcuts to others.

But before we get started, let me remind you of the power of dual monitors. (at least two) Back when it first became possible to easily add a second monitor I read a study that said a person in accounting can add 30% productivity back into their day by adding a second monitor. For the rest of us, it is something less but as the world of applications expands more and more of us are working in more than one application at a time and while you wouldn’t think that minimizing and maximizing screens would have much of an impact, because of the way our brains process and focus it really does add up over the course of the day.

A new trick for multiple monitors is the snap. Below you see that I’ve snapped file explorer to the right of my monitor and windows is asking me what I would like snapped to the left. When I pick one I’ll then have each application occupying half of my screen. The keys for this trick are Windows + Right Arrow. time savers You can also use Windows left arrow and even Windows Up or Down arrows. If you have dual monitors just hit the right arrow again to keep moving the app to the next monitor.

time savers


There are many keyboard shortcut combinations. Here are a few of our favorites. Of these, I couldn’t count the number of times that I use highlight some text, then CTRL C to copy it and CTRL V to paste it elsewhere. CTRL A to select all of the text on a page is a favorite of Parrish’s. We all use it to get our notes from where they are into where they need to be.

Then there’s the Windows key. Windows E to open up file explorer is to much faster than using the mouse to open it. Windows S to open up search is a great one too.


Ctrl X Cut
C Copy
V Paste
Z Undo
R Redo
B Bold
U Underline
I Italicize
A Select all text
Win E Open File Explorer
Tab Task View (Win10 only)
L Lock Computer
O Lock/Unlock Screen Rotation
D Show/Hide open windows
S Open Cortana/search
C Open Cortana in Listen mode


There are many, many more shortcuts than just these, hundreds in fact. Your applications likely have their own set. That Windows Key on your keyboard is one of the least used useful keys you have. Try Windows I to open sharing. Windows 4 to open the forth thing pinned to your taskbar, You can find the full list of shortcut here. 

Using keyboard shortcuts, dual monitors and knowing how to use your computer to work quickly and efficiently are necessary skills for all of todays workers. We could all use a refresher course from time to time.


– Amy. President, Harbor Computer Services

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