Re-Thinking Anti-Virus

With the improvements seen in Windows 10 built-in security features Re-think need for anti-viruswe’ve been re-thinking our approach to anti-virus. It’s become a cliché’ but the one thing that is constant in IT actually is change. Changes in computing are only picking up pace too.

To cut to the chase, here’s the thing. We’re no longer going to recommend anti-virus software for computers that are running Windows 10.

Three things are primarily driving our changed opinion these are the improvements in Windows Defender, the improvements in Windows overall security posture and the changing nature of infection sources.

  • Windows Defender and Windows Firewall together are providing an excellent source of protection from viruses and targeted exploit attacks.
  • With the new model where version updates to Windows are nearly a thing of the past and everyone’s machine runs the latest version we will no longer see scenarios where a computers age means that it is more vulnerable than a new computer.

New attack sources are not viruses, or trojans. They are instead dependent on computer users to be careless or uninformed. They depend on tricking the person not the computer into sharing the information that they want or sending the money they desire.

This means that the solution to protecting your data isn’t software; it’s computer user training. Sure everyone knows how to use a mouse, turn a computer on and off, type, open an application…but smarter users have less downtime, are less likely to make your data vulnerable and are more productive.

Training is where we will advise you invest rather than software. We believe that it’s a better long term way to protect your computer, your data and your business.

– Amy, President


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