Re-Opening into the fast forward

I keep hearing the phrase, back-to-normal, but we are humans we never go back. Business doesn’t stop; technology innovation doesn’t pause. When the shut down occurred, even though for just a few weeks, the chains holding back innovation came off and everything shifted into fast forward. Planning to go back-to-normal would put you in the past and that’s never a good place for a business to be.

Some indications of fast forward are:

  • jobs that had to be done in the office, turned out could be done from home
  • electric bicycles have seen 200% increase in sales
  • restaurants and retail stores have found new ways to deliver their products. In some cases its providing survival but others it’s been a real boom
  • people have made more use of parks and enjoyed the outdoors
  • businesses that were further along in their cloud journey made the transition easier and sometimes without skipping a beat
  • the collapse of the office space market. We’re having TONS of conversations about eliminating and shrinking office space with clients in all industries
  • everything is finally getting cleaned. (gosh, I really hope that continues)

The important thing to remember is the work from home situation is going to change for everyone. Whether it’s full time or part time work from home, work from home is part of the fast forward. There was a slow movement in that direction anyway but now it’s fully here.

The thing with the current work from home though is that it happened without a plan and is pretty make-shift. We used what ever was available and figured any productivity was better than none. But study after study show that work from home can be more productive than work at the office. However, you need the right support, the right infrastructure, the right equipment, the right policies and procedures to support the work from home people to get the benefit of their productivity. You don’t get full productivity from people working on old slow computers, using slow internet, using a single monitor, having to remote into the office to work, sharing their computer and taking care of children. In short you need a plan for real work from home.

The problem with the current work from home situation is that it isn’t secure, isn’t fully productive and doesn’t protect your data and your business.

Here’s what we’re preparing for our clients:

  • home firewall and wireless routers
  • home laptop and computer suggestions including dual monitors
  • VPN from untrusted networks (hotel, coffee shop, restaurant, sometimes home, client offices)
  • home office acceptable standards policy
  • home office support

Immediate need

There is an immediate pressing need though and that is the back to work office/shop requirements. MIOSHA has put out a document this week laying out a plan.

These are some other things you might want to consider

We’re here to help. Let’s have a conversation about what fast-forward means for your business and let’s make sure that your technology is up to the task and ready to bring your business into this future that we’re all landing in this week.

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